These days people that have gardens are very scared from the global warming because it will affect their garden. The main effect that global warming has on the planet is much longer and powerful periods of drought. In the last few years, the drought has been much harsher than ever before. People around the world that are depending on their crops were starving and losing their livestock because of the long drought.

If you are living in a place where drought is a common thing, then you most likely know how hard can it be to grow anything. More and more people are starting to experience the drought all around the world because of the global warming. Therefore, we here at the regenerative leadership institute have decided to show you some easy steps that will protect your garden from drought.

Preparation of the Soil

Preparation of the Soil

The mistake a lot of people do is that they start preparing their soil too late. You have to start early if you want to be prepared to survive the harsh drought. You have to have a nicely structured soil, that is the first step to preparation. You have to have the perfect mix of clay and sand in order to have a quality soil. That will ensure a very stable environment for the most plants that you will plant in your garden. If the conditions for the plant is good, the plant will grow strong and it will be able to survive the harsh drought.

Finding the perfect mix of sand and clay requires a lot of experience. For example, if you have too much sand in the mix, the water will go through the soil very fast and the plants will not be able to survive the drought. Knowing this, some people make the mistake of putting a lot of clay into the mix because they think that the clay will preserve a lot of water for a longer period of time than sand. The problem with too much clay in the soil is that it will harden and create huge cracks in the soil. Therefore, you should be extremally careful when preparing your soil for the next season.

Water Preparation

Rainwater collecting system

If you have finished the permaculture design course, then you should know that harvesting rainwater is very important part of the preparation for drought. If you don’t have one, we suggest that you don’t wait any longer and make or buy a rainwater collecting system for your garden before the summer drought arrives at you. Collecting rainwater is important, especially in areas where drought is a common thing. The easiest and the cheapest way to collect the rainwater is to put out a barrel at the end of your guttering system. That way all the rain will be collected in that barrel.

The rainwater that you will collect you can later on use to water your entire garden when the drought comes. Rainwater is much better for your crops and plants than regular water because it contains some nutrients that the plants need.