The fruits that grow on the citrus trees are a very commonly used crop. People use it for various things, making drinks taste better, for salads, in cereal or sometimes cooking with meat and of course we use them for making various desserts. Citrus fruits are full of vitamins and other good ingredients. However, the problem with citrus trees is that they require a special care that not many gardeners know. That’s why we have decided to share with you some of the secrets to growing a citrus tree.

Growing them can be easy if you know exactly what and how to do. For that, we at regenerative leadership institute have decided to teach you all the ways you need to treat your citrus tree. Like any other fruit tree, citrus trees also require a lot of sunshine in order to produce fruits. Citrus trees can grow strong even in small limited spaces. Here is the basic guideline that can be used for most of the citrus trees.


Citrus Trees

Positioning your citrus tree plays a very big part in maintaining it. You need to position the tree in a way so it will be exposed to the sun a long period of time during the day. For these citrus trees, the minimum required sunshine is around five hours. If your climate is a little colder, then consider planning the tree near a wall that will radiate heat to the tree. Walls are also good because they will protect the tree from strong winds that usually happen in those colder climates.


The best type of soil for these trees is when the soil has a neutral pH. If your pH is too high, you can lower it with adding organic compost to it. The best option is to add compost that consists of livestock manure because tropical trees are more likely to thrive if they have a good soil full of nutrients. Try to plant the citrus tree far away from grass because the grass can compete with the tree for nutrients and water.


Watering Citrus Tree

Just like any other fruit tree, in order to successfully grow, the citrus tree also requires a lot of watering. Especially right at the start when you plant it. While the tree is still young, you should water it twice per week. That will help them stabilize much faster. The time for watering these types of trees is usually in the morning or late in the evenings, that way you will give the trees the highest chance to use that moist.


This is probably the part that most of you are interested in because you think that there is some special way to care and maintain these trees. However, it is quite simple to take care of them. The one thing that you must be concerned about is the winter time. usually, the citrus trees are able to survive the winter, but if the winters are harsh and lasting a long time you should probably protect the tree somehow.